A lot of solid surface furniture is fabricated in white – and it looks great – but sometimes a huge splash of colour is just the thing in a kitchen!

hi-macs_atvangarde_pure_black_01We’re impressed with this design in Romania… in using extremely bold pop colours, the ISLAND PURE is a perfect balance between elegance and innovation.

Its original charm and attention to detail go flawlessly with the most avant-garde interior designs. The energetic colour of HI-MACS® Banana is used on the entire worktop as well as the breakfast bar shelf. Small lamps create beautiful lighting behind the smooth curves of the island and keep the Minimal Art aspect intact.

hi-macs_atvangarde_pure_black_02 hi-macs_atvangarde_pure_black_03_0


Location: Bucarest, Romania
Design: Adriana Tihon/Atvangarde Surfaces
Fabrication: Atvangarde Surfaces
Material: HI-MACS® Banana
Photo credit: Alexei Tacu