Social responsibility

  1. Sustainability

Ethical, responsible, sustainable…

We are fortunate to be able to work with one of the world’s few renewable resources.

Every effort is taken to purchase materials that originate from well-managed forests – ensuring the long-term future of responsible forest management and our business. Our raw material suppliers are members of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a body ensuring a chain of custody certificates from forest floor to our door – an independent certification system providing accountability of management from the originating forest. We also have an ‘Eskimo’ culture where nothing goes to waste, all off-cuts and chippings are recycled to provide the heating for offices, workshop and spray facilities.

Our team can offer a friendly and practical service with nearly 70-years experience. We have a strong commitment to our business and above all a passion for wood, a living breathing product with its own natural beauty.

   2. Child of Hope

Child of Hope UK.300pxKirolite supports slum charity Child of Hope through regular donations and raising awareness of its valuable work.

Child of Hope is a UK-based charity producing huge social impact for slum children and their families in the Namatala slum district of Eastern Uganda through free education, healthcare and welfare. It has built a quality school in the heart of the slum and now educate 360 pupils of nursery and primary age from the poorest and most vulnerable families in the slum. That number will gradually expand to around 600 children.

Plus… Child of Hope has developed a unique free social care for the families of its pupils and it provides healthcare and numeracy/literacy training, business training and grants to mums – all designed to help them break the cycle of poverty for their families. Visit the Child of Hope website