Products and services:

Solid surface fabrication and thermoforming

Our Dorset solid surface fabrication and thermoforming facility is one of the largest and best-equipped in the south of England, producing amazing results in surfaces such as LG Hi-Macs, Corian, Avonite and Staron.

Solid surface is a practical, robust worktop material for high-end residential and commercial applications – and it gives interior and architectural designers limitless opportunities to create very special interiors. It is great for worktops, of course, but its design flexibility can produce astonishing features for all kinds of luxury environment. And just fantastic for jaw-dropping reception areas in commercial offices!

Solid surfaces are non-porous, they are mouldable, cannot be permanently stained or damaged by water and are completely hygienic. They can be cleaned with strong cleaners. It is not hard like granite, engineered stone or glass but it is even more durable, so it doesn’t easily chip or crack.


The majority of the colours are advanced composites of aluminium-tri-hydrate, pigments and acrylic resins, however, many of the material colours also contain polyester to increase the depth of finish and transparency.


Solid surface has proven itself to be a remarkably durable, versatile material that is easy to live with in both the home and commercial environments. It survives the impacts, nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear. Solid surface has been tested for its resistance to stains, UV rays, most acids – and even bullet penetration.


Colours and patterns run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away.

Inconspicuous joints

Joints can be glued inconspicuously, making virtually unlimited surfaces possible. Edges can be built to look thicker and long counters can be made in pieces in the workshop and inconspicuously joined together on site.


Because it is a non-porous material, bacteria and mould have nowhere to hide. When Solid surface looks clean, it really is clean.


Solid surface is an inert, non-toxic, hypoallergenic material. Under normal temperature conditions it does not emit gases. It benefits from the flame-retardant characteristics of one of its main component (aluminium-tri-hydrate): the smoke is optically light and does not contain toxic halogenated gases. Because of these properties, Solid surface is used in public spaces and delicate applications such as airport check-in counters, wall and work surfaces in hospital operating rooms and intensive-care facilities, and on cruise ships and ferries.


Solid surface can be thermoformed at high temperatures into various 2D and 3D designs, such as baths, shower trays, bowls, sinks, vanities and columns.


Light enhances the three-dimensional image of solid surface. The translucent look of solid surface is especially striking in the lighter colours and in 6mm thickness. Many designers have used it in the design of lamps, and lots of colours are optimised to be even more translucent.